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Look around you. What attracts you? What catches your eye?

Captivating, thought-provoking design is everywhere. It influences how we act and react, how we view brands and businesses and most importantly, great design influences how and who we buy from. The Reyl Design Group is an exciting and innovative London based creative design agency specialising in –



Design & Development

The Reyl Design Group effortlessly combines innovative design, technology and creativity that gives your business a results-driven sales tool



Logos & Collateral

 Your Business logo defines your business or service and allows people to recognise your company instantly without having to speak a word. Let us design a brand your clients can’t say No to.


Social Media

Training & Design

Social Media is growing and changing. Every minute of the day, there are more people and organisations engaging with and adding to social media. You will never be left behind with Reyl Design Group

I loved working with Cheryl to design my new website and bring my brand to life. Wow, her design ideas are gorgeous and I had 3 to choose from. Cheryl advised me of her favourite that reflected me, my business goals and would attract more of my ideal clients. Thank you very much, it’s working well, I love it and highly recommend Cheryl to design my clients websites and to you if you want a website you are proud of. Call her!
Jo James, AmberLife
“Cheryl did my fantastic website, she took this project all the way through from suggesting ideas to an amazing finished article that is generating for me already at such an early stage after completion, dont hesitate to use Cheryl and her thorough service.”
Nick Clive, The Audiology Room
“Cheryl Laidlaw is a creative vixen. Razor sharp. With an eagle eye for detail. A super stylish ladyee who adds a touch of catwalk creativity to a brief. One Design Diva full of sizzle..”
Sister Snog

Welcome To Reyl Design Group

We work with businesses of all sizes that match our ambition for growth, to look for and open up new revenue streams. Businesses that want not only to be remembered, but to be unforgettable. The raison d’être of the Reyl Design Group is to define your brand and to be a contributing factor in making sure you effectively communicate and engage with your audience. We get you talked about. We create a buzz. We are the Reyl Design Group.


InsideOut branding design project by Reyl Design Group
Walking in Stiletos branding design project by Reyl Design Group
Anna Monich branding design project by Reyl Design Group
High Heelers branding design project by Reyl Design Group

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