Your brand is no longer about getting customers to choose you over the competition. It’s about making sure your prospects view your company as THE ONE that can offer solutions to their problems, goals and values.

Is your brand attracting your ideal clients?

Is your message clear on how you can help them?

Do the images, colours and fonts reflect your company in the right way?

The Reyl Design Group doesn’t just design logos and write strap lines. We create a vision for your company grounded in your core values and principles, then unleash it into the marketplace.

We will:

  • Ensure your messages are delivered clearly
  • Reinforce your business’s credibility in your industry sector
  • Emotionally connect your products or services with your target market
  • Motivate your prospects to become returning customers
  • Solidify customer loyalty
  • Manage the experiences your customers have with your company at every point of B2B or B2C contact

A brand is not simply a pretty picture. A brand is a reputation,
an experience and we tailor-make all aspects






When most people think of budget airlines they think of Easy Jet. When people think of search engines they think of Google. The point is, you want your customers to make the mental connection between product and company.

Does your brand convey the connection clearly?

By understanding what your customers both need and want from a reputable brand, the Reyl Design Group can graphically integrate your core propositions and values into a coherent brand.

Your brand is your promise to customers about the type of business you are and aspire to be and we will make sure it’s as strong as it can possibly be.

You don’t have to do this alone! We can help you.

Together we will have take the time to research, define and refine it to give you a clear, attractive and powerful message.

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