Learn Social Media in a Day

Are you new to social media?

Are you confused about all the different platforms that are available to use?

Is the social media world overwhelming you, so you feel like you’re getting left behind?

This is a ‘Social Media Savvy in a Day’ course, designed for business owners who need a step-by-step guide and a hand-holding experience to get you up on the social media platforms that are right for you and your business.

Every time We hold a training course there are people in the room of all different levels.  But most people still need to set up their profiles and start posting more.  This is a day course to help you do exactly that.  By the end of day you will feel confident, excited and raring to go with your chosen social media channels.

It might look easy to others but they all had to start somewhere! Come along and together we will get you set up, started and social.

What You Will Learn on ‘Social Media Savvy in a Day’


On Twitter you will discover how to:

• Set up your profile
• Create tweets, use notifications and how best to use images.
• Retweet, send direct messages, shorten URLs and use hashtags.
• Build and engage with your followers.
• Look at how companies use Twitter: PR, brand building, selling and much more.
• Use Twitter Analytics
• Make the most of Twitter profiles.

On Facebook you will explore how to:

• Set up your profile
• Use Facebook pages
• Use pages to promote your business
• Create content – text, video, images, links, hashtags and engagement.
• Post at different times
• Generate more likes



On Instagram you will see how to

• Set Up Instagram and see who else uses it
• Be creative with photos you take
• Use the different Filters.
• Add Hashtags, and make them relevant to your target audience
• Generate more likes
• Use apps for brand awareness

On Pinterest you will unlock the Power of Pinning by

• Setting up your profile
• Understanding boards and pins
• Following other users
• Defining your audience and what to pin
• Following proper pinning etiquette
• Generating traffic to your website.


Book now below or contact me direct, to book your Social Media Savvy in a Day email: cheryl@reyl.co.uk or call 01895 435472